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Gif created from some old photos from a trip to NYC back in 2010.

Install WordPress locally on your Mac using MAMP

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2013 Texas Renaissance Festival Photos

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I snapped some photos at the 2013 Texas Renaissance Festival with my new Canon 6d. The results are quite impressive. I do more with it.

Europe via iPhone 4s

By Ben Gillin | May 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

Compilation of video taken on a trip to Europe in March, 2012. We visited Amsterdam, Paris and London. All video was shot on my iPhone 4s.

Logo Design Process & Using Forrst for A/B Testing

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Last week I began the design process of a new logo. This new logo is for a personal website that I am working on at the moment. In short, it has something to do with Beer. More to come. Before I sat down I already had a style in mind that I wanted to shoot…

Domain Name Changes, Vanity URLs and 301 Redirects

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You may of noticed that my domain name has changed. You may be saying… “Hey what’s up with the .in instead of the .com?” whatever, you probably didn’t even notice.

Ode to Coffee

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